Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Elite

* Irrespective of the particular historical origins of the political Left and Right, at this stage in our historical march of folly, their rhetorical squabbles and declarations, especially those coming from the fringes, are clearly being exploited by competing global elite groups advancing their own particularistic agendas most of which pay little heed to the necessity of advancing public good. This said, the elite groups operating within the context of cultures that are skeptical of if not deeply inimical to democratic values pose a far greater danger to global stability and human progress than their reviled “Western” or “Westernized” counterparts. 

* The global elite are far from united, but they are aware of their existence as a unique and separate whole. The same cannot be said of other socioeconomic classes, and that’s the thing imperiling democracy more so than any conspiracy.  The struggle to maintain and advance the cause of democracy and human rights on the global stage at this juncture calls for finding ways to further connect the destinies of these other socioeconomic groups, and to make them aware of that strengthened linkage and its implications for their empowerment.

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