Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wisdom of the Crowd

* You might get tired of fucking things up, but that does not excuse your giving up.

* Democracy is a continuous bet on the wisdom of the crowd which serves to tip the balance to this or that side of the scale without breaking it. For the wisdom of the crowd as expressed through the democratic process favors gradual cumulative change, and can withstand setbacks. It only favors the revolutions when dealing with rigid autocratic societies where the possibility of change through cumulative reforms is mooted by the behavior of the authoritarian elite.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Indigenous Imperialism

* In order to survive this particularly turbulent phase in our global evolution, small states need to distance themselves from ideology becoming extremely pragmatic and flexible in their politics, both on the domestic and international fronts. They should also realize that the long-term benefits of democracy in this regard far outweigh the short gains that autocratic rule can bestow.

* Small and less powerful states are no less prone to imperialist ventures than larger and more powerful states. In fact, imperialist ventures by small states account for most conflicts in the world today, and throughout history. For the benefit of those who insist on treating certain regions of the world as an enclosed ecosystem, let’s call this phenomenon: indigenous imperialism, and let’s define it as the phenomenon where smaller less powerful states attempt to cannibalize each other, or at least prey on each other’s weakness, in an attempt to grow stronger and become more relevant to developments on the global stage.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Leadership and Victory

* Leadership in an amoral world requires more pragmatism, less ideology and no sense of decency or humanity.

* The only thing an amoral leadership can accomplish is to reproduce itself. Meanwhile, the path carved by moral leadership can have many pitfalls, but the few milestones reached along the way make all the difference.

* Real Realists are not simply disillusioned idealists; they are self-loathing ones set on destroying the very ideals which they once upheld as well as the very people and events that remind them of them.

* The worst conspirators are the ones who conspire against themselves first and foremost. Yet, they are these conspiracies against one’s own interests that often prove the most successful. People, then, are better at conspiring against themselves than against others.

* A casual observer becomes an active participant after a certain period of in indeterminable length has elapsed, even if they continued to refrain from action. For this reason, those who do not want to participate in something should not observe it, not even casually. For observation is essentially participation.

* Hubris tends to fry the brains it infects, and to silence the consciences it so gently caresses. Hubris is how all victories end. This is why the wise avoid seeking victory, and opt for the establishment of a new balance between their competing interests.